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Hush little Ebony
All is alright
Soon you'll see everything
As if it is light.
So hush now my Fury
and fear the dark prayer
Silently fight
Like nobody's there
Hush now my vengeance
Be silent my gun
I don't care if, I must fall
At least I'll have won.
So hush now my Ebony
lay down your head
Don't waste your tears now
For I'm already dead.

I wish I could just feel the rain.

I guess, that million dollar phrase has really came back to haunt me... "you don't know what you have, 'till it's gone." Truely ironic, I wished I didn't feel sad anymore, and bam! ... ... nothing... I feel nothing. Calm, and numb.... I feel nothing.... I never thought I would find myself praying for pain, and sorrow. Or even regret and remorse.... but to feel nothing, brings a dull terror, unquenchable by any sort of thingin existance. ....But I don't even feel fear... nothing.... Is it depression, finally fermenting in my soul, or is it just the pain masked by the numb?

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